Wasting time at a Psychologist sessionĀ 

Ever think you should have let the psychologist lead the way in the session?

I was going in to do more schema- therapy and rescripting but I did not stop talking.  I just kept rambling on and telling her this and that. She did ask questions but I kept veering off , maybe I was subconsciously avoiding delving deep into the past again and having all those feelings resurfacing.  Funny thing is that I actually wanted to do the schema-therapy and rescripting again, I was fully prepared.

I know, I know , you are thinking , it’s good to talk to your therapist, they may notice something in your rambling?

But now I only have 4 sessions left that are subsidised by Medicare. So I really need to make sure I use them wisely.



Schema-therapy Part 2

I’m just going to be completely honest and tell you I’m feeling extremely emotional and scared about my upcoming session this afternoon.

Last week I was left feeling drained after my first session of schema-therapy and rescripting (link in previous post).  During the session I closed my eyes and found my safe place first, then my therapist introduced herself as my “saviour ” to be there for the “young Ms Eve” when she needs someone to stand up for her. We went back to a time in my life when I was under the age of 10 and I spoke about a time in my life that upset me. This is where I got very emotional šŸ˜­. My therapist would also ask if young Ms Eve needed a hug or to be picked up or to hold her hand. Of course, my therapist remains in her chair, these offers of comfort are just suggestive.

I cried and my body shook with all these past emotions coming to the surface. You know these feelings are there and you just think you’ve gotten over the past, but you just don’t realise that you haven’t really forgiven and forgotten things that happened. When you go back to those times it HURTS! 

The idea of the session is to go back to a time when a particular event happened. To speak as you were then , in a present tense. Then the therapist asks what help you’d like, to talk to whoever caused this pain, to comfort you, to take you to a place that you feel safe etc… rescripting your reaction essentially. 

At first it was weird for me, but after talking about it and hearing the therapist speak up for me , I started to feel calm.

I totally recommend this form of therapy if something in your past triggers hurt, insecurities, anxiety, fear etc…

I guess I’m fearful of getting so emotional during my sessions and not getting past the triggers. 

I hope I’ve made some sense. šŸ˜Š


Patience is a virtue…especially when you are the patientĀ 

I’ve been to the gym , while my 3 boys went hiking. Now I’m waiting at the doctors surgery…again. So I decided to do this post :).

I am very impatient when waiting for my loved ones to do what I’ve asked or what they’ve said they would do. If it has something to do with something I really want or need then I get grumpy but I don’t say anything because I don’t want to nag. 

And waiting at the drs … what can you do but wait patiently? There not much you can do but ask when you will see the dr or leave and have to reschedule and wait again… no need to get upset at the receptionist because she can’t do anything. And be honest, when is the last time you spent less than 10 minutes talking to the dr??? This is why we wait because every patient wants to tell their dr everything… I’m guilty of it. 

We all go in and tell the dr why we are there and just when we are about to leave we remember something else.

It’s good to know that there are drs out there willing to listen.